“Yes, your business succeeds by selling things. But all those things are sold to people and people are, by nature, social animals. Building a tightly connected community of customers who are galvanised by a common passion, place, idea or interest is the surest way to cultivate a sense of community and an atmosphere of fun. Doing so raises your stores and websites beyond the level of commerce and into the realm of becoming powerful places for communal gathering.”

“Focus instead on creating experiences per square foot. Ensure physical opportunities to try, play, learn, be inspired and perhaps even co-create in the space. Deploy brand ambassadors to share their expertise and experience with your guests. And don’t worry — sales will get measured, your accounting department will make sure of it!”

“Studies indicate that businesses that outperform in the realm of customer experience can, depending on their product category, enjoy up to a 35 percent revenue lift compared to mediocre competitors of the same size.”