Oliver Martin
CEO, EMA School of Modern Music of the Canary Islands

“Michael you are a crack! That change is critical to keep moving forward. There is a bottleneck in that part. Thank you very much “

Guillermo Garcia

“The REGENERING team has provided us with a useful method for R&D productivity assessment in a public institution. It happened not only with a useful method and program, but also in the acceptance of the entire staff.”

Carlos Navarro
Director, Fundación Canaria YRICHEN

“I hereby wish to express my great satisfaction with the recent completion of our Scorecard project by the productivity consultancy REGENERING. The custom design and implementation of 10 dashboards was a success.

Alejandro Bañares
Veterinary Director, OROTAVET

“With REGENERING’s help, we were able to get the entire staff on board with the clinic’s best practices. During the project, interest and motivation was generated, and we noticed the active participation of the staff in the evolution of the new organization.”