To achieve sustainable organizational productivity results, we take into account the company’s strategy and the competencies of the teams. Our clients don’t just overcome crises – they take advantage of them.

Process reengineering and improvement

Digitalization, automation, robotization, AI

Integration with customers and suppliers

Agile teams and remote work

Production planning

Kaizen Culture, Regeneration

Internal and external ideas

Disruptive innovation

Best practices and standards

Prodcenter: idea management software

Dashboard, grafic visualization, simulations, external data

Tools: Excel advanced, MS Power BI, Google Data Studio, etc.

Integrated management control system

Financial analysis and budgeting

State-of-the-art, trends

SWOT, vision, goals

Marketing strategies

Organizational structure redesign


Although we have a wide range of hard skills (tools), our strongest expertise is the soft skill of change management. The changes achieved so quickly would be impossible without the trust earned from your teams.

Identification of opportunities for improvement throughout your organization or in a specific department, from 4 points of view:

– Attitude and behavior
– Operational : management flows, information, processes
– Organizational : roles and responsibilities
– Financial

We deliver an Analysis Report of the current situation, the list of projects to be carried out and an Economic Proposal of the chosen projects.

Our projects are highly focused and fast-paced. To achieve change, we work closely with your managers to find and implement practical and lasting solutions that bring significant benefits.

A project usually includes several sub-projects and training workshops on the changes and tools to be implemented.

Through a regular and structured follow-up, we help the Manager/Executive in the achievement of his business objectives, freeing his learning capacity and by effect, that of his collaborators.

We manage a continuous improvement system that encourages staff participation: generating cost reductions and revenue increases.

We develop productivity studies around our specialties. Our studies are very graphic and several recommendations are still relevant years later.

Depending on the study, we gather information according to these methodologies: public information, surveys, interviews, round tables, workshops, etc.

We offer lectures so interesting that years later some attendees still tell us about them. We are honored.

We provoke reflection, relate to the daily context, and encourage the participants with a bit of humor. We adapt the duration of the lecture to the need.